*Over two thousand Zookeys have been made and each one is unique*
Adopt a Zookey today!
How a Zookey is born:

First I start with a sock. From there the sock lets us know what and who it wants to be. A touch of imagination here, a
dash wacky, a pinch of zany, a smidgen of crazy and several huge scoops happy and love and a Zookey is created.  There
is a large assortment of Zookeys waiting to be adopted by that one special somebody that it was meant to be with.

Zookeys run on imagination.  No Batteries required.

If you don’t see your special Zookey here then send us an e-mail of what you are interested in and I'll send some more
pictures to you.
Elmwood Ave. Waterville, NY 13480