About Us
Elmwood Ave. Waterville, NY 13480

I’m  a mother and grandmother who loves to
think outside of the box , sometimes while sitting
inside a nice big cardboard box with my grandson.

I’ve always made sock monkeys, puppets,
costumes  and  love anything that requires one’s
imagination. It was my attempt to give my
daughter a sock monkey baby shower that caused
the birth of zookeys. I ran out of the regular
Rockford socks used for traditional sock monkeys
and decided to use up the “one of a kind because
the dryer ate the other sock“ bag of mismatched

There was such a demand for Zookeys that it
became a fulltime job. I started a home-based
business and trademarked Zookey Q.

Over a two thousand Zookeys have been made
and each one is unique. You can be sure that your
Zookey is one of a kind. Zookeys will make you
happy and laugh, listen to you when you need
someone to talk to,comfort you and be your
special friend.